Rachel Arterberry

Author, Coach and “Story Writer”

Rachel is the cofounder of the inspirational, transformational company, Making A Way.

She is a former corporate career woman, author and now creator of exceptional life stories.

Rachel has had the privilege of coaching others to find a life they love, moving from mediocrity to greatness, and empowering them to dream big and reach personal new heights.

Rachel's story began in the corporate world where she originally envisioned herself rising among the ranks of an international company, using her love of language, culture and travel to propel her career to extraordinary heights. During her ascent, she unknowingly lost her sense of self amidst the distractions of life. Her dreams, purpose and identity had vanished. The daily rituals of work, family life and struggling to find her way, left her true path to happiness overgrown, dull and less than extraordinary.

It was time to make a bold and brave move to raise the expectations of herself for her life and for her family. In order to unleash the greatness within, Rachel had to rewrite her own story, the one that she was destined to have. Rachel's first move from mediocrity to greatness was to identify that in fact change was required in order for her to achieve her goals and dreams. As Rachel explored her life, her vision for her future and the path she would create for her children, she realized that she had no plan; no path; no vision. Following the guidance that she now so highly recommends, she consulted a life coach and began the process of self-examination and exploration, and in the end, discovered clarity about her life's purpose.

Experiencing the transformative power of a life coach, Rachel decided that it was her turn to guide others to writing their own story too! In the summer of 2012, she made the decision to leave her long time employer to pursue her dreams. Not only was this critical to moving her career in a new direction but her entire life was about to change. In discovering her love of writing and inspiration to help others, Rachel's conclusion came primarily as a result of her children and their need for her to be an active participant in their lives. She could not be there for them and guide them to becoming fulfilled, purposeful adults if she had not yet been able to do that for herself.

Rachel is now the Author of God Was Holding My Hand, a Coach and of course, “Story Writer”, helping others write their story.

Michael Arterberry

Coach, Motivational Speaker and Inspirational Leader

Michael is the cofounder of the inspirational, transformational company, Making A Way.

Coming from humble beginnings, Michael overcame the stereotypes and boundaries around him and went to college to earn a degree in social work. Because of his competitive nature and athletic ability, he originally had his sights set on professional sports. There was a divine purpose for his life that not even he knew about, plans that did not include any professional sports contract. Michael began his career in social work at an agency, helping children in the adoption and foster care system. Little did he know or expect, but his passion for helping others to exceed the limits placed on them by society, would become his life's work, and in fact his “story”.

Michael left the traditional social work field to begin his own non-profit organization, designed to motivate young people to be extraordinary, exceptional and to break through the molds that society has placed on them. He has had the honor of witnessing young people transform their lives from mediocrity to greatness. He has watched as students transition from under achiever, limited by people's low expectations to a place of exceptional happiness. He has witnessed countless transformations of individuals with low self-esteem to positive role models in their communities. Michael has given hope to so many of what some call the hopeless or lost.

Michael's passion, drive and encouragement of others has led him to a career in coaching and motivational speaking. More of his amazing story can be found in the book God Was Holding My Hand, written by his wife and partner, Rachel.

For information about Michael's work with teenagers or to schedule a workshop at your school, visit http://www.youthvoicescenter.org

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