God Was Holding My Hand

God Was Holding My Hand

Michael Arterberry's Story by Rachel Arterberry

Did you ever have the feeling that God was with you, sitting beside you, and walking with you? For Michael Arterberry, experiencing God’s presence is a daily occurrence and one that has brought him through some of life’s toughest moments.

Inspiring and motivational, God Was Holding My Hand shares Michael’s journey of coming to know the Lord. From his tumultuous childhood with a distant, complicated father to the day in 2001 when he accepted Christ as his savior -and every day since -he shows how he came to put his faith in God and accept God’s plan for his life.

This book is an amazing, inspirational story of a man's journey through faith. The ups and downs of life brought him to a place of putting his complete trust and faith in God when a debilitating health issue nearly cost him his mobility. This man is my husband. He went from a strong athlete to a man struggling to walk. As we went through this journey together, we both grew, changed and morphed into the people we are today. The book is as much about my husband Michael as it is about me. While Michael was going through the steps of determining the cause of his distress, I was going through my own transformation. God was preparing me to leave my job in the corporate world to write this book and to coach others to follow their dreams and pursue the path that God has destined them for. I believe that this book is the first step towards inspiring others to identify their purpose and believe and trust in God. As Author, Coach, Story Writer and busy mother of two, I was encouraged to find my purpose and explore my love of writing. Through my husband’s inspirational story, I hope to encourage others to uncover their true passions, follow their dreams and create their “story”.

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