Making a Way
Are you ready to unleash your greatness?
2014 — Michael Arterberry was the keynote speaker for Hudson HS commencement. Read the press coverage here (PDF).
Making a Way offers a Motivational Speaking program to help you achieve greatness.

Moving from the ordinary to the extraordinary can be a daunting yet exciting adventure! Change and its unexpected nature causes turmoil, fear and even anxiety in most people. What does it take to make changes and redefine your life's story? Challenges, fear, sacrifice…

Mediocrity to Greatness…
Average to the Extraordinary…
As the turtle eats the grass, the giraffe stretches his neck to eat the leaves.
Will you stretch your neck?

The transformational yet practical coaching style of Making a Way Coaching inspires clients to take bold action and to achieve breakthrough results. Life coaching is for individuals facing a transition in their lives and for those prepared to take their life story from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

How will you describe your life story to your children? How will you impact future generations?

Write your own story through an interactive experience in which you explore your passion, your path and your destination. Destroy self-created barriers and exceed your expectations.

What do you want your life to stand for? Have you found your life's purpose?

Regardless of what you have been through or what limits have been placed on you, YOU have the courage to overcome the ordinary, mediocre and the average. You are destined to be an exceptional person and to have an exceptional life. Are you ready to write your life's story?

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