Personal Motivation Session

Each of us experiences periods in our life when we question who we really are, how we fit in and what our particular purpose is in this life. How will our life’s story be told? Working one on one with a coach can help you to:

Through a series of exercises and discussions, clients will explore their dreams and desires, focus on short-term accomplishments, and creatively define strategies to accomplish both short term and long term goals. Individual sessions can be conducted in person, on the phone or via Skype (your preference).

Duration of the Personal Motivation Session may range between 6 weeks and 4 months, depending upon the individual's needs. Life is a learning experience. We must work through our patterns and issues and learn important lessons if we are to move forward in our lives. Be encouraged to live on purpose!

Leadership Program…

Mediocrity to Greatness

Experience a personal breakthrough, moving your life story, career or relationship to a new level through an interactive group session.

Through the wisdom and experience of others, discover your leadership style and how you motivate and encourage others. Propel your individual path from mediocrity to greatness with the inspiration and motivation of other exceptional, like-minded individuals.

Support Workshop

Looking for guidance and encouragement? Want to pursue your spirituality and the direction for your life? Is your divine mission for personal growth and to bless others? What does spirituality mean to you? How can you be happier in life? What is your reason for being? Begin NOW, right where you are. Discover your divine purpose and move towards the fulfillment of it.

This coaching workshop can be done in a group or an individual basis. The goal is to meet the client ‘where they are at’ and help them discover where they want to be with regards to spirituality.

Motivational Speaking

If it seems that you're stuck where you are, no matter what you do, then you're almost certainly trying too hard. Stop trying and start allowing. Life is beautiful to a degree that goes far beyond anything you can possibly imagine. Stop trying to imagine that beauty and start allowing yourself to experience it.

Be encouraged! Be inspired to inspire others! Have one of our speakers at your next business, organization or social event to inspire people to reach their full potential and experience the beauty of all that life has to offer.

Speaking engagements may be booked for any venue, adults or teenagers. Topics are meant to encourage and motivate and may be tailored to the audience/age of participants. See for information about youth-oriented workshops

Author Book Signing

Have an event or presentation? Interested in having an author book signing? Contact us today to schedule your event.

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